• Avoid disapointement, reserve well in advance.
  • Each hunter must submit 100$ deposit
  • Cheques accepted only for deposit Deposit will be honored for one year (1). No refund!!
  • A guide is provides and is responsable for each hunting group.
  • Shotgun with slugs are permitted.
  • Animals are usually shot from a range of 25 yards.
  • All our animals are fit for human consumtion and can be prepared in a variety of ways.
  • Some form of fluorescent clothing most be worn.
  • No hunting license is required.
At Altamira, we live by these commandments:
  • We shall respect God's gift of nature to mankind
  • Our guest hunter shall have a pleasent and fun experience
  • We shall provide a secure site
  • We shall provide a clean and safe preserve
  • We shall provide first grade animals
  • We shall provide top hunting dog
  • We shall provide good variety of game
  • We shall provide first class service
  • Any unsatisfactory issues raised by our guest hunters shall be resolved forthwith to their entire satisfaction